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Virus inducing. Do not fall for trick. I totally tested this myself and I am totally not trolling. Kappa
Oh, I thought someone tried logging in and messed it up lol
When I infused my offhand shield with a blessed gem, the HP recovery continued when I two-handed my mainhand weapon. If I were to do the same with a caestus, would I continue to get the bonus, when two-handing my main weapon?
Update: I did it, and it works!
Ok next dlc needs to add a frost gem no if ands or buts, they have every other infusion except a frost gem
I'm guessing it's just frost is a unique thing for some weapons
Maybe they didn't have frost because of Lore. Its not a good excuse thou haha
Because its overpowering, frost build up reduces overall damage absorption.
It says in an item description somewhere (I think the pontiff knight sword) that frost buffs are really rare
Dev's got LAZY with this aspect of the game. Most infusions hurt my base damage. Unless I'm keeping a D&D monster manual of every enemy and their weakness (this particularly applies to elemental dmg, scaling or no) I'm better off with straight upgrades and MAYBE a heavy/sharp/refined infuse. LAAAAME
It's not that they got lazy they just nerfed infusions.
Every infusion lowers base damage except raw. They increase scaling, just because you're a lazy noob that doesn't care to learn enemy counters doesn't mean it's the dev's fault.
what are you smoking? if your build actually focuses on any one or two attack stats, then having an infused weapon with the appropriate damage type and correct stat scaling, there's a near universal increase in damage
Everything in Dark Souls, like everything in life, is a tradeoff. Boosting one thing penalizes everything else, so choose wisely.
Something i found is that it can't infuse executioners greatsword. It scales with normal titonite. Anyone know why it can't infuse.
Because of passive
it already have some sort of special buff/ability... all weapons that have something like that can't get infused.. you can upgradr it tho
Is it possible to trade these infusion stones? I'm doing a sorcery only run and want to get simple gen before Irithyll dungeons
I don't think it's possible to trade gems, however it is possible to trade weapons. So take weapon from Character A (the character without the gem), transfer the weapon to Character B (with the gem). Perform infusion on Character B, then transfer infused weapon back to Character A. That *will* work (tested 1/16/2018).
You can get both the coal and some simple gems way before the dungeon, so you shouldn't worry.
To all the people who don't understand why they didn't get the achievement, make sure you've really done the infusion. I was in the same situation when I suddenly realized the Deep Battle Axe in my inventory was looted from a Mimic, not infused by myself.
What I did was buy a dagger for each infusion type. Made it really easy to say what I still needed.
Because it's not listed here, weapons infused with heavy, sharp, refined or raw gems can still be buffed with resins and spells. All other infusions preclude buffing of any kind. Heavy and sharp gems also reduce or outright remove scaling of the inverse of the scaling it increases, i.e. heavy gems reduce dex scaling and sharp gems reduce strength scaling.
Hollow weapons can be buffed.


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thanks, that's the info i was looking for
Isn't there a way tô infuze Frost?
No, though there is a DLC spell (or miracle, I can't remember) called frozen weapon that can apply frost
Lets suppose I no longer need a Fire Gem infused Battle Axe... If I use the needed Gem to remove the Fire Gem, the Fire Gem become unusable or does it become available for a later Infusion?
You don’t get anything back for removing an infusion with a shriving stone. Each yime you use a stone, any stome, it is consumed.