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So in pvp, if you want to have fun with this, go into a narrow hallway and spam this thing, especially in pve, in pvp, if they dont havs poise, stunlock him to death with this in a narrow hallway, sure its a gimmjck but games are about fun, and when something looks like midir's decapitated head burning a narrow hallway, why not?
Cast Affinity and then put this up, i believe the dragon mirage masks the orbs, i havnt gotten around to testing this because i dont have the intelligence for affinity, so if anyone knows how this works, please reply and tell me
If they are in range to actually hit... Why would a couple second Dragon Head that's partially see through do anything to help? They see it and you are stuck at slow walk and jnstability Frames...
Utterly useless in serious fights which is shortly before you hit Arch anyways. Goofing with it and in PVP (new/bad players) is it's only use. Otherwise I'll rip you apart durinh wind up or just Crystal S.S your face. Why yours? Because I take DkS to seriously to keep using D.H.S in actual fights that I want to survive. DS2 Drake Armor did this Cosplay better.
Watch out, we've got us a real bad *** here.
Woah man, don't piss him off, he'll rip your apart "durinh wind up" or "Crystal S.S your face". You really want to mess with that kind of person? Pokin' the bear, brah.
Uh oh! Everyone get down, the fun police has arrived! Get out your min-max builds!
This is mainly for completionist players. No added benefits in comparison to the other Dragon Head Stone. From Software could of easily given this a fireball attack for it's item, or shortened the windup time, or added additional defense compared to the first one. No real good benefits, but just a nice little, "Hey, look what I have spent effort to acquire!". Could be more worth it maybe next DS game.
i want to be a dragon
Free magic defense and have less weight? Arch dragon peak here I come!


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Coiled sword is there twice