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Daily reminder that Iceborne will fail and kill the series in the West for another 10 years!
It's kinda funny how all the comments has more dislikes than likes. Even if some comments have good arguments.
People claiming that the expansion has too many "reskins" are unbelievably brain dead. First off, the majority (not all) of subspecies/variants are vastly different from the original with different and new moves, elemental changes, and sometimes complete behavioral reworks. A lot of subspecies can feel like fighting a completely different monster. Secondly, Monster hunter games in the past have always focused more on subspecies in their expansions. For reference, Monster Hunter 4's ultimate expansion added 23 monsters. 8 off them were new/returning and 15 of them were subspecies/variants. So far for World we have 16 creatures: 8 new/returning and 8 subspecies/variants and they still aren't done adding monsters. Lastly, the expansion adds so much more than just monsters. It adds a whole other rank above high rank which will have new moves for over 90% of the old monsters. It'll have Tons of new weapons and armor, all of which will have different stats and a different look. It adds a completely new area, hub, and story. People also forget that monster hunter world has been showering us with free DLC content which they could have easily charged for. Sorry for ranting, I just want people to wake up and realize they're getting a lot more than just "reskins"
they are reskins
they are reskins you degenerate fanboy, and about the brain dead part only degenerate fanboys are brain dead, and nobody really cares if they did that in previous MH titles
wow, these comments on my post are astounding! Just people saying, "Well I'm right and your wrong" without using any evidence to back it up. Really good arguments all around.
I wouldn't really mind the ones who can't even argue,and there's a pattern, most subs that really feel like reskins (azure rath, black diablos) are from the first or second gen, most if not all of the more recent ones feel like a different monster indeed, just see coral pukei or tigerstripe zamtrios (which i hope they include, but prolly not), and you'll see how much different they move, and don't forget that they won't reveal 100% of the roster before launch
most of them are reskins but with swapped elementals but at it's core still the same monster
i see very recently uploaded gameplay of the beta on youtube, yet my beta trial is over, f'ck you capcom pre-order cancel ha
how to trigger MH fanboys: call the "subspecies"... "reskins"
It's true in MHW, but say that to Deviants or variants like Molten Tigrex, Chaotic Gore Magala, Savage Deviljho and you got yourself a war
looking at the downvotes i got, i guess i'm right
***** please! Everyone in here got downvoted for no reason at all! Open your eyes you *****
best QoL improvement was to uninstall this *** game, i don't think any QoL improvement iceborne has to offer can top that
Why is this comment section so cancerous. People just trolling waiting for the game to come out?
Pretty much. Got the wannabe try hards saying the game is too easy and hating on everyone else, but they're still shooting those SoS flares.
Oh god, 40$ dlc. I'm poor
This series has gone downhill since Freedom Unite. Back then it was an achievement to finish the game but now everyone can faceroll it naked. They dumbed down the game way too much so they can make quick buck from casuals who won't even buy the next expansion. But who am I kidding here? Iceborne is gonna be a cakewalk to cater to the casuals again because Capcom love zoomer's money. RIP Monster Hunter! Now it will never be compared to Dark Souls in term of difficulty. We have a good run Soulsfag!
they make games for money, just like any other game company
if you feel worthless and want to be challenged for ego boost, there's plenty of other things you could
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