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This weapon boosts my win rate. I don't need any greatswords. Claymore? Bah! Old and busted. If you can't reach 720 AR on a halberd, go home.
Can we just appreciate the amount of cruelty that is put into this weapon? Not only it was made out of living human being, not only it was created by hanging the poor guy on it until loss of sanity (hopefully) for ridiculous amount of time, not only it can deal insane amount of dark damage (potentially causing a lot of pain),not only it has the corpse as a main part of weapon, but you can also torture already complety hollowed but still "alive" (probably) former thinking being by repeatedly smashing his skull into ground making it scream in pain...
It's so satisfying to get the REEEEEEEEEE weapon art.
so how much strength/faith should you have on a meta level build?
This weapon is so *****ing spammy and tryhard bull*****and I *****ing hate the l1 spam it's so***** ***** this thing it needs to be nerfed