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it was my last straw literaly after making no progress for days. Not my top favourite but it helped me alot back then. Definitly a weapon for beginners struggling with BB.
Whats BB?
Ludwig's Uncanny Holy Blade is the most powerful weapon for a physic build. Improving Strength and Skill to 99, with the best blood gems of +27,2% in physical attack (two radials and one triangular), the damage output is 1064! Charged attack is something rated: more than 2500! Charged attack chain (R2 hold+ R2) is pure violence: more than 4000 damage!
Seriously overrated bro . You go up against a tough dungeon boss with a huge health pool like lets say cursed Bloodletting Beast , and relentless fast attacks with Whirlgig drops him 10 times faster .Yes Ludwigs has highest single hit damage , everybody and their mother knows that but its dps isnt special at all . So unless you're dealing with enemies weak enough to die to its charge combo or extremely bad pvp players who actually let you hit them with it , its just the most overrated weapon in the game .... Always has been , since day one
AR can be misleading. Ludwig's is definitely a great pve weapon, but a lot of the attacks have reduced damage multipliers, so you get nowhere near the AR per hit, compared to something like the saws that are more or less .95 and up.
To get a those stats and those gems requires dozens, perhaps well over 60 hours of playing and grinding. At that point what is left in the game to beat?
I really admire the creativity of the devs. I sword that can be combined with it's sheath to form a greatsword. Nice



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I can't tell whether or not you're speaking ironically, but I find it funny either way.
A boring, powerful weapon. Perfect for if you want to play dark souls. Seriously though, this weapon is a monster in pve. Seems a little too easy to parry in pvp though. I prefer the saws for r1 spam and the Kirk for heavy single hits, but the holy blade blends them pretty well.
This weapon has saved my *** more times than I can count.
Definitely your best friend when doing a 50/50 str/skill build. I later realized that there are much more fun things to use than this easy mode simulator
This is the weapon that you use if you're bad at bloodborne.
100% truth . you can tell how many butthurt noobs still abuse it from all the dislikes lol
It makes PvE so *****ing easy, enemies can’t even touch you if you stand at range and abuse the charge R2.
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Oof, looks like someone lost one too many times to the Holy Blade
Does quality 40/40 str/skill works well?