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Why the heck is there no sorcery that deals physical damage? There's two for miracles and one for pyromancies (okay, that one is a complete joke) but none for sorceries. Sorcerers get screwed over once again.


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Actually, there is! Attune Farron Flashsword, walk right up against someone or something you want dead, and smack it. The magic blade will hit it, and so will your staff, dealing an extra whole 1 or 2 physical damage, as a separate hit. So, technically there is a spell that let's you deal physical damage. This is actually somewhat useful, despite the ridiculously low damage of the staff, since you can potentially trigger someone's Tears of Denial and kill them, in the same attack, due to the fact that the damage seems to be applied separately.
It's literally made of magic what do you expect
F^&* every ganky sorcerer who uses the Court Sorcerer Staff and Crystal Soul Spear........
Just git gud
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well thats the only way to make viable magic build in this trash gsme
If you have the dlc do you need to get all the dlc sorceries? I'm asking for all rings, miracles, and pyromancies roo.
You don't have to collect all rings and magic in DLC to get achievements, you only need those from original game.
On top of what the other guy said, which is "no", the DLC doesnt even give u trophies
Check out the series 'Intelligence kills' in whichall 25 bosses are beaten by pure magic build (just google Intelligence kills + boss' name)
Are they your videos?
These don't suck in pvp. everyone builds glass cannons, while great for pve are terrible pvp. If you want to pvp well with sorcs run a spell sword build. you only need like 18-24 points attainment for spells I mean with ashen flask and the great fp ratios of sorceries I don't feel a difference between this and my full mage build in pve at all, yet can pvp really well.
I made a socery pvp based build that made me reach gold badger on arena in no time. It's based on tricking the enemy player ith spells that have similar but longer/shorter animations and graphical effects. It's quite unfair that it's so hard making a viable build with those spells.
No, I do glass cannons all the time and I can verify they do NOT suck in PVP. You need to (big surprise) NOT GET HIT. They are grand in PVP if the maker has the skill to use them. A good strategy is to plan to lull them into thinking you're fragile, then catch the enemy off guard with how much damage you do, then be ready to quickly follow up and punish/prevent healing/fleeing. If they get a chance to heal they will suddenly play very defensively. (which is still okay as long as you are good at rolling since you wont get hit and you wont be doing chip damage, you will be doing chunk damage.)



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i wish this game had Dark Hail from DkS2 that acted like Dark Bead from the first game, as neat as great soul dregs it's not a shotgun type spell which makes it's effectiveness per cost not great. It's hard playing as a sorcerer my stats are pretty high for SL127 but some bosses like Midir are resistant as heck towards dark :(
Yeah, but sometimes their slow movement can be a benefit
Sorcerers can use pestilent mist against Midir, witch makes the fight almost trivial considering the fact that pestilent mist takes away percentage of healt instead of health per second
HOW is there little to no info about catalyst stamina modifier for spells on the internet? It took me like 10 seconds to notice that Heretic's Staff takes about 12.5% more stamina than Sorcerer's Staff for any spell. Longer staves take about 12.5% more stamina to cast spells, and medium staves about 6.25% (rough guess). Sorcerer's staff is considered short and SCS is the longest medium one. This knowledge makes some of the longer staves even worse than they already were. Here's a video with an example: I wonder if this was meant to balance Farron Flashsword range variation, but you don't need a long flashsword, because the three other blade spells cover that area.
Looks like the link got removed, just google "Dark Souls 3: Stamina Demonstration Per Staff Length".
Oh, and, it seems that all weapon catalysts take as much stamina as longest staves, but they have attacks and a kick at least.
Yes longer staves increase Stamina consumption when casting spells. However they also increase Farron Flash sword and others range. Also they vary in all sorts of parameters. More than half of the staves have their build niches. On some most twisted builds probably even those few which look like crap can do well.
Do I need the DLC spells for the achievement?
can someone help me through the catacombs of carthus?
git gud
You're more likely to find help at the SummonSign reddit
use a mace or morning star (striking damage) and then a blessed gem. striking damage causes them to fall apart allowing you to wail on them at your own leisure. Blessed damage means they stay down.
Resistant or not .pure magic with crystal spear turns almost all bosses into sad jokes Holy shet knocking off lothric off Lorian 3 times per minute is funniest shet ever