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Really? the most annoying *****ing boss in game and fromsoftware has the brilliant idea to not only bring it back for a rematch, but to make it a gankfest as well??? Miyazaki, what the *****, man.
Nowhere near the most annoying boss in the game. The Ape in sword form is a doddle. The second ape can be easily destroyed with firecrackers.
deflect that overhead smash after the perilous strike and hit him with the spear. massive posture damage.
Guardian Ape was much harder in his first encounter. Not sure if it was because I had more healing resources for the second encounter (though, using it all on the brown ape) or because I used the Mortal Blade. Or perhaps, I got gud twice (Played the hell outta Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. Beat 1 also.).