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I used to hate this boss, but as I've gotten my strategy down, I'm actually really enjoying this fight. I usually do a nice combination of parrys and attacks with a heavy weapon, as he staggers pretty nicely when hit with, for example, Moonlight Greatsword.
what i have learned from facing him for the first time after having to suffer the huge journey from the forsaken cainhurst castle lamp: this guy is a big dummy and i will NOT be fighting him. just decided to yeet it outta therer after i got the executioner's gloves.
He can be staggered from behind with Augur, out of the animation into phase 2 even. This is much more reliable than a long charge-time R2.
As others have said. He can be back stabbed with a charged R2 just did it in my ng plus play through.
Wouldn't recommend using any gun but the blunderbuss. I'm currently yelling at my TV because my character keeps shooting above logarius rather than at him
If he has gotten to the second phase, he has a magic barrier causing bullets to go over his head. If you can prevent him from going crazy, he doesnt have it.
aoe spamming pos
with my "skill" or "strong" builds i defeated this boss without problem but now i make pure arcane build and is it very hard for me :-)
Dude literally went "Unlimited Blade Works!" on his second phase.


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Whoever suggested using the short version of the Holy Sword, please tell me where you live so I can suck your *****. I was getting absolutely merked trying to two hand it.
Logarius is cool idea with a pretentious backstory that has no substance. He's a fun, scenic boss fight and that's it.