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So taking fire damage cancels out frostbite.... Immolation tinder + Snap Freeze?
Still painsted almost exactly a year later.
Weapons with frostbite accompanied with the soldering iron is a combo you should not underestimate. It's pretty good.
Suck though that there is no way to tell if your frostbite attack is in effect or not.
Page said that you can hear breaking ice if frostbite hits
The breaking ice sound occurs if they roll through it as well, meaning it technically procs but doesn't actually do anything except reset the frostbite build. A benefit of frostbite/bleed/etc is that if a player rolls through a frostbite swing it still builds up on them, but the downside is that if they're rolling when it's built up enough to proc then the proc won't do anything and the build-up will cancel out. Easy tactic against a slow weapon like Vordt's Great Hammer.
The target will be blue like they are frozen when the effect is on after the effect meter is full and the noise is signaled. Though the noise could be louder like the parry.
How fast is a 'tick'? For Snap Freeze; is it 15 buildup per second?
I ask because of the other 'cloud' spells, i.e., Pestilent Mist, which damages quickly, although buildup is equal to Poison Mist (don't know how fast Toxic Mist buildup is though).
It's quite hard to explain but they're instant every approximately 1.5 microseconds, as there are 60 ticks in 1 second.
Frostbite is everywhere at lower levels with Vordt's hammer and Irithyll straight sword. Some co-op team comes at you with Fallen Knight sets and enough spam to feed a family, you can get slapped with it fairly easily after rolling through an Irithyll/Vordt R1 whiff-blender that builds it up almost immediately. Easy to avoid if you're watching for it, but that first time it gets you is a real facepalm moment.
The thing that pisses me off about frostbite is that you get buildup even if there is no damage when rolling through. Though I guess that's less stupid than status buildups through perfect shield blocking...
HAHAHAH ( enough spam to feed a family ) i will remember this meme as long as i lived xD
I keep getting those weird fake hits that don't land during a roll, but makes a sound, adding frostbite stack, but do zero damage when it does prop I don't understand what's going on, anyone have this happening or explain?
It *sounds* like the frostbite is getting rolled--proced during i-frames so the damage doesn't apply. This does happen with bleed (rolling a bleed) so it would make sense if it also happened with frostbite. No clue if it also negates the stamina debuff and the increased damage after the fact.
The status effect buildup still hits, from what I've seen rolling through these attacks, but you don't take damage from the attack itself. Not sure why you can't roll through most status effects on attacks. Only really seems to apply to build-up, so dodging something like a fire effect on a weapon doesn't force the damage on you, I think.
Curse you, FromSoft, for not giving us a Frost gem.