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"Attack Doggos" why are you like this
cheese every time
It seems all strategies to win this fight is based on melee/tank builds. I got into this fight with a sorcerer lvl 25 and it's been a nightmare.
Same. Playing a pure sorcerer build and the problem is killing the dogs quick enough with so little vitality. Grr.


Battle Tested

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It was being a nightmare to me as well, until I had the idea of going full Havel and spam Homing Soulmasses on him and always defending. You don't even need to move. .
Use a 100%phis block shield and stand on top of the cheese spot
take zweilhander go to the catacomb with some green titanite make the zweilhander fire +5 and go to kill capra with 2 hits
i got through catacombs after blighttown but before killing capra just to meet patch before Reah encounter so when i reached the catacombs i already had some green titanite, so i evolved zwei to fire and make it +5... Capra would have no chance