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I messed up the whole quest at the start because I didn’t fight the demon with him. So even after freeing him I had to fight his old friend on my own... Guess you could say I found myself in quite a pickle!
Can someone help me figure this out please: I have freed onion bro from the dungeon but when I go for the yhorm, he doesn't appear to fight him with me. It's my 3rd boss fight(haven't killed Aldrich yet) and I missed him in irithyll kitchen because I went directly to the irithyll dungeon but that's the only thing I missed in onion bro's questline.
Ps- (same guy here) I went back to check his cell to see if I missed something and found out that he is resting there and he tell me to go on and that he has his own road to take when I try talking to him.
I just managed to let him die in the Yhorm fight for the first time (he would not get off Onion bro at all) and I feel utterly dead inside. Dont be like me...pick the Storm Ruler up
I did, i lieraly went straight to storm ruler, equipped it super fast and by the time i turned around he killed onion bro
I didnt fight the demon when near the tower and I went back to firelink to get some things ready. When I came back he wasn't there***** anons did i ***** up? :\
nevermind i found his *** at the well lol
His death after he completes his duty reminds me of how Ostrava just dies the same way after you meet him a final time.
Might be important to mention: As you start fighting the fire demon, onion is runing to help you.. but! if you kill the demon BEFORE onion makes his way towards you, even after diologue and all other steps, he will not join you for the yhorm fight. You have to wait for him to sprint to you before you kill the demon.. maybe let him land at least one hit. otherwise you still get t he titanite slab, but he's siting in the cell for ever...
siegwards the type of dude to use :thonking: all the time
I went to Statue of Velka to get rid of my sins for him and i paid 32000 souls and i went to him and he still agro to me i need help what do i do
Boogie on into the next play through