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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I've been trying to trasmute weapons but many of the weapons listed here don't appear on the menu (knight class, all brands if that helps). among the weapons not listed are Saltreaver and blade of envy.



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If you don't have the materials, they won't show.
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Thats not true. I have the materials for a lot of non boss weapons, but they don't all show up. Like axes.
Is there list of armors that you can get from transmutation as well? Or do you still work on it?
No, because this wiki sucks and lacks sooooo much information
This wiki "sucks" because not a lot of people play this game, and those who do wont even take 5 minutes of their miserable existence to add the missing informations.
Umbral Aegis: Court Sorceror's Ear, Diamond Cluster, 30k
Class 4 Shield
examples of armor:
sadist's armor and
torturer's armor made with any armor (all four slots)
each piece of sadist's costs an amber idol and vile guard's ear (class 2 light armor)
each piece of torturer's armor costs a torturer's ear and a silver leaf (class 1 light armor)
umbral shield will be made with a court sorcerer's ear a diamond cluster and any "shield" as in not a tower shield not a buckler.
Why i can't transmute my Warhammer? He doesn't appear in the alchemist's weapon options...
Have you already found the items necessary to transmute your Warhammer? If you haven't the Warhammer will not show in the transmutation menu.
Anyone know a transmute list for shields and armor?


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Hey, get a weird thing few days ago. I'm playing my Order of the Betrayer character, and then i'm expunging sanctuary i looted from sanctuary guardian (with poleaxe and shield) "Sanctuary Guard's Ear". PC version, build (Screenshot on imgur:
Anyone know what purpose of this thing?
I have them all