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She's one of Manus's incarnations?
May be a play on words, a dark emotions, which are the basis of dark magic, such as depression are described as a never ending abyss by those who suffer from it to extreme degrees and can also bee reffered to as emotional pits, pit beingsimilar in meaning to abyss.
The "spurned" child of the Abyss "never dies", but phases in and out of its fringes. "Only, there is no one to search for her any longer."

Alva. "Seeker of the Spurned"
Well, if I remember correctly, DS2 did have that one tale in which Zullie ended up loving Alva. So.. play around with that, I suppose?
ok, lore time. Someone explain pls
^^^Her outfit is a Demon's Souls Reference, Look up Yuria the witch.
Well ! From what I know so far, she is NOT the witch that seduced Alva : this one was called Zullie. And she was the personal waifu of Alva the Wayfarer. And for Karla, here... ... ... ... ... ... Azgh-zghuh-uhgh-uh... Plot-twist ? \(O n O'/)

Honestly, from the little we have, and from what I can guess :

( 1 ) She's the other "child of dark" that Aslanna, waifu of the Ivory King, talked about in her final dialogue line, in the third DLC of DSII... but I don't believe in this theory myself. There's not enough elements to prove it... yet ?

( 2 ) She's more likely a reference to the witch Beatrice that, in Dark souls 1, might or not have followed Artorias into the Abyss... or else : braved the Abyss by herself, alone, but didn't made it in the end.
yo holy ***** this girl is so full of lore .."spurned " "child of the abyss" WTF? is alva related to her?
She is likely a fragment of Manus and sister to the queens of DZ2
Yes, Alva most likely hunted her and died almost right outside her cell.
she's going to be a major character in one of DLCs


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So, where is my money then?
If only... that would've been a good use of her
What items do I get from the ash? Not sure if I killed her or she's still imprisoned
just read the wiki, _idiot_
who would do such a thing.... killing Karla that's just sad she's a bae... ahahhhahaahah