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Ummm why does it say Deviljho scalp usage I thought this was the Deviljho gem page?
Deviljho gems can be created using the elder melder. Can someone edit that please?
Why are people downvoting that? After 5 hours of farming I literally just crafted one myself
I want pickle tallfangs and game says nah have 3 gems in one go instead I only want/need 1 anyway
Meanwhile ive done more than 20 fkin pickles and still no gems, ffs
Ha, just came to this page because I got three gems in two hunts, but still short a tallfang.
I need a damn percentage please! I need to know what level of patience I need to get it!
my palico just pick this up for me lol
When all u want is a great set of dual blades and then you see this is a requirement. *cries internally*