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Sorry my ingnorance of the game but what good does "stabbing yourself" can do for you?
This wiki literally explains every possible benefit
if you stab yourself in a non vital point of your body , you go on an adrenaline rush... if you put it in a game where there’s no adrenaline rush , you get a big damage buff
read the wiki page above the comments
this katana makes me want to make a new character , make Kermit the frog , call it Dead meme then invading people just to stab myself in front of them , then let my imagination go about what they think when they see that
i kinda felt the same way as you while reading , but instead of killing myself right away , i’ll fight , and if i’m loosing , i’mma kill myself first... just like samurai did back then
tbh I only want this weapon just to stab my self when im about to die as a phantom
Sword of harikari
to find this page, i literally had to type "how to stab yourself in dark souls 3"
this weapon is just fun for using the weapon art and quickly switching to a big *** weapon to see a massive weapon go through your chest or parry the weapon art in general for giggles
Memes, DNA of the soul
Can you one shot yourself with this weapon? I want be be summoned as a spear of the church and immediately kill myself. With the calamity ring and stuff.
sure, start sorcerer, calamity ring, dusk crown ring (lowers vigor) clutch rings, should be possible.