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this should be noted that them being resistance to dark and weak to lightning is very questionable as lords are supposed to be strong vs lightning and weak vs dark them being the grandchild of Gwyn(lord of lightning?) is also very questionable they should be associated more with dragons than Gwyn really


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Gwyn has used lightning but they are not descendants of gwyn,unlike the nameless king,they only linked the fire and have no other blood-like relations to him
Wanna neutralize his teleporting skill? Just follow this: google for 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Lorian and Lothric'
This *****ers REVIVED the boss 3 times!!! WTF!!!!
you need to attack him while he revives and roll away before he does his AOE
this fight isnt hard as long as you know how to fight them. for me, staying as close as possible while strafing and delaying my dodges on certain moves got me the kill in a few tries on my first playthrough.
Spam Lightning Stake on a properly built offensive Miracles build and they'll go down in less than 4 ashen estuses
You may rest here too, if you like.
The fight's a joke, given its position in the game. And having Lorian be lame was just... weak, pointless design. It would've been more impactful if he started strong THEN limped in phase 2....... and if the voice coach whipped Lothric's VA into shape... ffs