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the absolute best must have effect for an archer, paired with stamina surge and constitution any archer will be deadly as possible.
I heard you can get it as a gem with a 2% drop rate is that true?
No it's several times rarer.
I actually own it lol somehow
It's 0,4...
Found this in my second tempered run. I don't even play bow... My friend mains it and stopped speaking to me :C
If that's who I think it is, I'll come kick your butt now! I just want this *****ing gem!
you're in trouble now !!!
which would be how much of a damage increase?
If it's like previous games, such as 3U, 4U, ect; Uncharged bow shot (Charge lv1) is 40% raw, 70% elemental Charge lv 2 is 100% raw, 85% elemental Charge lv 3 is 150% raw, 100% elemental Charge lv 4 (This skill or in previous games required Load Up) is 170% raw, 112.5% elemental Source,
Source was Laxaria's blog post, but it ate my link.
i don't main bow and they keep coming give me a magazine/iron wall gem pls.