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I'm curious if the player summoned as the boss also has the weaknesses of frost and lightning applied to them as they would be to Halflight in offline mode. It would make sense they would. It'd just be nice to know if it would help to have a stoneplate ring equipped to compensate for weaknesses I wouldn't normally have when I get summoned as the boss.
I've fought as Halflight maybe 40+ times (as Pyro with Great Heal), and I've never experienced frost doing anything in general, but lightning seems to hurt more and stagger more, but I can't say for sure.
What a surprise, comments are either full of people saying how BS this boss is (and it is), and everyone else is just saying "lol git gud skrub" Tell you what *****tards, not everyone WANTS to do PvP. Especially when the guy you're fighting has 1500 hours in this game alone since it's literally all he does, and also lagging like*****. Forced PvP in a game where lots of people do NOT want PvP bull*****happening, is dumb.
Why cant you just play offline when fighting this boss, then when you beat him just go ahead and go back online.
Why cant we just play online with sunbros fighting this boss. He allready gets scaled to a nice difficulty at that time. Why do you try to force people into offline mode when the game is primairly a singleplayer game.
or you could just pop an ember at the boss door like a smart individual.
you could just gank him like the dirty casual you are
There are lots of people who do want to do pvp in the game, have you seen Anor Londo, but I’d say that a very large chunk of those that do complain when it’s completely in their favor
PVP in this game is embarrassing to say the least, you'd think FromSoft would be ashamed for how unpolished and cheap it is and not shove it on the face of every *****ing player that just want to do PVE.. Well at least they dropped it completely in Sekiro thank god, took them awhile to realize they aren't capable of making a competitive online game.
Sounds like somebody got invaded one too many times.
Just play offline nobody forced you to play it online
Sekiro was so bad, that the new game from Feomsoft will be action RPG, like its meant to be. Sekiro lacked PVP, Summon help, Invasion and all the beauty that made DS3 so popular
Yesterday a white fantom "Summon me now" guided me through the Ringed Cityand we got very far but unfortunately died, today I finally got to this bossfight and he was summoned and he kicked my ***.
I bet he was Lapp then.
I got lucky, the summoned player was AFK and I just backstabbed him to death lol.
You cheated not only the game, but yourself
Your victory was hollow
Proud of you!
if you respawn halflight,are you able to spawn patches in again or no?
This is one of the worst bosses I’ve ever fought in a game (I haven’t fought the Bed of Chaos yet). I hate the painting guardians because they’re so spammy and they can heal each other and Halflight! I also am not a big fan of pvp in any souls game and whenever a player is summoned I pray that they’re as bad as I am at pvp. The npc isn’t too bad, it’s just the fact that he hides behind the painting guardians makes it annoying as all hell. I wish this fight was optional for the ringed city but you have to do it in order to get to Gale. F*ck Halflight!
That’s a nice gank you got there. It’d be a shame if I punished your over aggressive playstyle with Wrath of the Gods. Oh, are you trying to regroup with your two remaining phantoms? Guess I’ll take this opportunity to fully heal. Hey, are you trying to bully my painting guardian? Take a sunlight spear to the face. One phantom left buddy. No turtles here buddy, take a guard break. Just you and me now eh? Oh cool, you have the ringed greatswords. Bet you forgot the Spear has extra poise. Another victory as a Divine Spear. Get shamed by a miracle build.
You can be dexterous, strong, and smart, but you can also believe in Jesus to fight enemies lmao.
I beat my head against this particular wall 6-7 times, hated this damn boss. Then I accidentally killed him in 10 hits. Turns out, he and the painting guardian are stun-lockable. Lightning blade, Lothric Greatsword (sharp)+10, and spam the full-charge heavy attack. It has pretty good tracking on the thrust, and if you manage to hit him with the full charge it knocks him prone. move a little closer, and heavy attack him again. You can literally keep him on the ground the entire fight. Same tactic works on the painting guardian. Made the entire fight much easier.
For the rest of use living in the boonies pvp inthis game blows. I can swing it as a warrior of sunlight and ranged. But come on 1-3 seconds of lag is magic for the most folks whom have cable connections.