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In pvp I run this with a lightning infusion a chaos dagger parry took and frayed blade for after repost if they live
Why do people like these weapons? the moveset is a very boring poke, an easily parryable R2, and lackluster damage making it not worth while in pve. I mean sure this particular one has a good weapon art, but god those pokes. The animation for it looks like the character is just struggling to hold the damn thing...


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It scales better with a Sharp gem on a 40/40 Quality build, the AR is 240 + 247 = 487 instead of a Refined Red Hilted at 480. NOT all weapons should be refined for a 40/40 quality build, some do better with Sharp.
Actually the 2 handed AR for the weapon with refined is 506 at 40/40 vs sharp at 487. And the 1 handed AR is only a difference of 2 in sharp's favour. So in fact I'd say refined is better for this halberd overall.