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Black iron set and shield really mitigate the fire damage. With havel's ring you shouldn't run into weight issues
if you run through the dlc first and get great soul dregs you can dominate him.
I have a question can u beat soul of cinder then not enter my plus because I want to transpose his souls but still go through the world to invade
I reached this boss on NG with my Pally using straight Lothric + 10 lighting etc. First attempt almost killed it. I wanted to defeat it for the miracle it gives, and to use it on the DLCs. Paladin (pure at 60 faith) sounds great on paper, meaning fun to roll. But I got bored. I am tired of a game that sets rules and don't respect them. I am tired to roll away for days just for a sip of Estus. I am tired of infinite stamina on foes while mine goes like it would be candies on a preschool's party, same as health. I am tired and bored. The same menial mechanic over and over and over.... I deleted my character. Games are meant to be fun. This is a side-job. Farewell.
Also, good job at putting most Miracles so late in the game that, by the time I get them, I have nothing to use them against. Bah...maybe one day I will try something more immediate to build, like a shield-less crazy 2 hander with bow and buffs. Admittedly using the same weapon for 80 hours doesn't help.
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