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Seems Legit.


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Main page says you cant deflect thrust attacks. Try to post about thrust attacks being parryable, post deleted and it shows up here later. prntscr.com/n2pnm5



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Perilous attacks and thrust attacks aren't the same thing though? "Also it says: While it is possible to sidestep or deflect these attacks,"
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You can deflect, but you can't guard.
The 1st sentence in the thrust description made it seem like thrust cannot be parried so I added a little clarification in the 1st sentence.
I managed to parry these types of attacks accidentally
Me too, every time I intentionally try though I get a spear in the butt.
I accidentally deflected genechiros grab once and have been trying to attempt it since
a grab or thrust attack can be block by umbrella
Pls confirm
so from the players perspective thrusts will come from the left side and sweeps to the right? seems way too easy for this game, the fact i haven't recognized that is mind boggling.
The grab of the snake eyes ladies can be deflected, and I think I saw someone deflect Genichiro's grab as well.
I’m too much of a wuss to go for that mikcounter based on the in games description, “as you are taking damage”. I’m basically that pogo stick just jumping on people every time they do this, or jumping away. Early on just one of those will either outright kill or set you up to be killed if you miss. I’m going to try it on the two guys running trains on me in the castle. Also one of the steps of the jump kick counter is after you do your double jump finish it with an attack directly on them. Usually it deals to bulk of the posture and vitality damage and you have to time it very specifically. Some bosses only flinch for a fraction of a second and it ends up punishing you if you get greedy. Biggest aspect of this game is knowing when to attack, when to use multiple deflections, utlilizing the faster or defensive prosthetics and don’t be shy about that L1+R1 attack. The damage those do to almost everyone trumps the slow locked in loaded axe move. Every time I’ve tried to use that in my attacks it’s lead to death against bosses. They don’t flinch and will continue to deal damage while you’re pulling that off.
The in-game description says "Enables one to counter an enemy's thrust attack by stomping down on an enemy's weapon, dealing a large amount of damage to Posture." Nothing about "as you are taking damage". Also, Hanbei exists for practicing.
What is ape's roar condidered though ?
Special AoE terror attack. It's one of a kind.