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I've heard the raw stats on this page are incorrect. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or not?
It’s funny how everyone complains about farming, or I may be crazy lucky with my 99 hollowing because the very first flamberge wielding enemy i killed in the cathedral of the deep dropped it for me
People are complaining about its drop rate when I got it from the cathedral guy without even trying to. So far it's wrecking at +6.
Love this for a sorcerer as a moonlight alternative. The weapon art is more useful IMHO.
I was running to recover my souls at the Archives, killed a hollow slave and this baby dropped for the first time :)


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took me around 6 kills with item discovery 427 to get it
nice weapon but hard to farm
You can buy this from the Thief Merchent
DS3 logic: the masked hollows who wield this can pancake us with it because they’re so weak they make the attacks look heavy with all the effort they put in to lift it. We’re much more capable of wielding the weapon and make the attacks look lighter therefore we cannot pancake enemies with this weapon.
One time you're farming for eternity to get one single drop, another time you somehow get two drops in relatively little time between each one. Current playthrough (NG+) with my pyro character, I got an immediate drop from the Thrall near the Mortician's Ashes and a quick one from a Thrall somewhere in the Cathedral.