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How did I get here? I repeat: how TF DID I GET HERE?
I am having the same question. I think I wasnt paying attention whilst knowing where I was going to be. Weird!
You get there through the lecture hall look up how to get to the lecture hall if you need to because I don't know how to explain it.
If you stand sit at the lamppost in the Nightmare Frontier, the cries of the newborn can be heard in the background.
How many winter lantern's are in here?
2.. One is right after the rock throwing troll, at the end of the big swamp (once you pass the tunnel, it's around the corner). The 2nd one is in the swamp tunnel. You can enter it from the are where y the boss room (and last shortcut is).. Or by turning right, at the patches dumpsite
Worst area to traverse Best area to invade I see what you did there, FROM.
Has anyone else seen that spinning thing in the distance? It's right outside the cave you start in and to the right between the boss arena and the cliff face.
It's a flag, from the ships in the distance.
Poison pissland v3.5
Beware hunter of hunters, hee hee oh I can't wait!



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Obligatory Fromsoft *****ty poisonous swamp. You can tell an area design is garbage when you are BL 120 with end-game gems on +10 weapons and the area still sucks every bit as much as it did when you cleared it normally. Put me in a cursed depth 5 chalice dungeon any day over this chore.
One of the few areas in the series I "forget" to go to in ng+ cycles. Hey, at least this game's poison swamp isn't mandatory