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Is there any point in not upgrading a weapon?
Some weapons/titanite are rare, but other than resources, no.
Only if you want to make the game harder. Or maybe if you wanted to save it for a different upgrade path like chaos or divine but even then you have to get it to at least +5. Hope that helps.
weapon matchmaking is the only reason. If you plan on being a twink don't upgrade weapons.
I like the stylish pubic hairs along the blade.
its capra demons "personal" touch
10/10 Pancake Maker
The Zweihander will always be a better pancake maker
Probably a little far fetched but this looks alot like Zodds sword from Berserk lol
Damn it, you're right.
ide put the server down as a zod reference also
It also remembers me of Ainz Ool Gowns Blades in his Alter Ego Momon, from Overlord. Overlord take many things from Games, maybe its a reference?
Probably is, Dark souls is heavily based off Beserk. Guts sword is in 2 and 3 as Greatsword. Artorious is ment to be guts (wolf knight) and the cursed mark is the dark symbol.
This thing is a beast damage wise (40 strength will give 655 AR two handing), with the longest range of an ultra great sword, and an increased level of poise and stamina damage. Unfortunately it is a slow swinging ultra, and lacks stunlock capabilities, can be reaction parried with ease if the connection is good (but let's be honest, has anyone ever had a good connection?), and weighs a whopping 18 units (almost twice the weight of a Zwiehander). Not very competitive meta wise, but I've use it on a strength/faith build with Tranquil Walk of Peace, which as dirty as it is, is almost a must to correct all the deficiencies of this snail paced leviathan (deficiencies include plenty of back stab openings, easily rolled attacks, and the fact that at 18 weight you're be lucky to medium roll while wearing a robe) . Paired it with lighting blade as well, and this thing has become my favorite tools of forced trades. My attacks with lighting blade have never hit for anything less than 750, meaning it's pretty much a guaranteed 3 hit knockout on anything with less than 50 vitality and +5 Giants armor. With that exception though, I do get about 2 hit knockout about 70% of the time overall against most light and medium armor users.
For maximum edginess take this weapon down the Occult upgrade path. I had a +4 Occult Demon Great Machete before the main Anor Londo cathedral and I was doing almost 900 damage to Silver Knights with a riposte. Also you could make it Chaos for some firey edginess. I once had a Chaos Demon Greataxe and it was awesome.
is dual wielding for this weapon available , I want to do the capra demon's Jumping attack , is it possible ?!
I suppose if you manage to farm them and have the big boy strength to one hand them. Even then, you couldn't attack with them both simultaneously
What is the weapon level of this unupgraded?
0, as all normal weapons.
27 strength is required to two-hand this Ultra Greatsword. Didn't find the edit button. Would write it to notes.


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Nice tip, added that for you.