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Take some practice runs and learn his move set. Keep sprinting and move in to attack after his combos finish during phases 1 and 2. Some keys to the fight are: use jumps instead of side steps for the unblockable charge and the final vertical hit of his whip combo. Also, after he jumps high into the air, sprint backwards then grapple to him as he lands. Use your grapple attack the moment you’re about to land, then start swinging madly. You can get huge chunks of damage here and often stagger him to prolong the onslaught of attacks. Finally for the last phase, make sure you have Divine Confetti and Malconent. Pop a Divine Confetti then use Malcontent and beat on him. Do this twice more and it should be enough to finish him or drop his health dangerously low. (If he starts to do the fire ring, this is a good time to use Malcontent.)
Shouldn't you post that on the Demon's page though?
Glitch him behind the tree true shinobi style
The Lotus Umbrella is VERY useful also. It blocks 100% fire and physical damage. When he jumps in the air, hold R2, then when he lands, wait for the puff of smoke to flare out, then press R1 for massive damage (provided you have the projected force skill)
You can also use mist raven to easily dodge the unblockable charge.
So there’s virtually no way to get these if your going for the Shura ending
Why would you go for the Shura ending? To cut off like 25% of the game lol?
^ Because one of the bosses can only be fought through that ending and achievements.
Make a save do Shura, game will register it and then load save and do all other endings. 6 LL is not enough to upgrade all tools anyway. You'll need NG+ for it.
There's no way, unfortunately. And all bosses must be defeated, including the Shura ending ones, on 1 save file. Save scrubbing won't let one get that trophy.
I think there are actually 7 per NG cycle. I'm sorry to say I don't know exactly where the 7th comes from, but I have 5 at the moment and I haven't even got to the Demon of Hatred yet. I do know I got one from the corpse of a Pot Noble after feeding the bait, and another one from talking to him in Carp Form, so maybe that's it.
No enemy in the game drops this, and anyone who's trying to tell you that the Okami Warriors drop it is most likely lying. I made close to 70 runs with the Okami Warriors near Sanctuary Scuptor's Idol when i was doing my post-game farming run to unlock the capstone skills from each skill trees, with Demon Bell, Balloon, and Most Virtuous Deed, didn't get any. To put it into perspective, that's around 210 Okami Warriors i have killed with maximum item discovery. The items for ultimate upgrades in FromSoft's games like Blood Rock and Slabs are always limited, probably the same case for this one, too.
Edit : I forgot about the Insight Bath Messenger where you can buy infinite Blood Rocks, so forget about that thing i said about Blood Rocks.
slabs weren't limited they dropped off darkwraiths in dark souls.
yes but you can farm for the blood rock in the chalice dungeons
So after giving the Great Colored Carp Koremori's Truly Precious Bait, I did not get the Lapiz Lazuli from Carp-transformed Koremori directly like this page implies, but rather from his now vacant pot near the Sculptor Idol. This is on version 1.04
Are they misable? I have done the big fish quest and killed the warrior, but I only have two... And nowhere near the carp merchants can find now the lapis :(
If you speak to the carp, you can still purchase their lapis. On top of that, you still have the ones from the Demon of Hatred fight
On my first play through I somehow got 7 Lapis Lazuli and I dont know where the 7th one came from so there must be something that you can farm for Lapis Lazuli
2-shichimen 2-pot vendor 1-hirata pot quest 2-demon of hatred
But shichimen gives just one...
No, you didn't. Fix your esesight you only get 6 per cycle, period.
Haha ***** me for choosing the bad ending first amirite.
Yea its really unfair how the shura ending just takes away so much endgame material
No one accidentally goes into the Shura ending. You knew what you were doing.
@jan 26 i accidentally did shura on my first playthrough. the only way i could know obeying the iron code would cut the game in half is if i looked it up.
I actually like if you obey the iron code you betray Kuro and in turn cut off all of the divine realm spiritual ascension content. If you embrace violence, deception and darkness you become something without a higher soul in a sense. Very powerful metaphor.
For those wondering where you get the seventh lapis, it comes from carpa/pot' shop. After you buy 2 lapis lazuli from pot. He'll sell another one lapis lazuli for another 6 carpa scale(totalling 3 lapis lazuli that you can buy from them). I'm not sure if you need to complete the pot's quest or not. Since i only bought the first 2 lapis after finish their quest. In any case this is my first playthrough and i decided to keep the carpa of dragonspring in hirata state.
You don't get 7 lapis lazuli. Only 6 per NG cycle. Jeez people get your facts straight already, i'ts like you've never even played the game.