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no lore? just a plain shield now?
One of my favorite things about the Souls games is that you can pick up a regular old weapon and defeat people using Ancient Badass God Dark Fire Light Sword of Being Badass. They're all pointy sticks. :D
the lore of this shield isn't of any real importance since it was just a dark souls 2 shield.
i do wish that the heater shield had came back, i wish it would have replaced this one.
sad they are trying to make us forget dark souls 2 existeed, i loved the game, and i think there are some features on it that were much better (like cough poise cough) i wish the second dlc would be in mirrah or back at drangleic with some stuff from the game, like vendrick badass set, shanalottes set (we never had it, but they could put it there) maybe some returning spells
It's like they're trying to make us forget that Dark Souls 2 happened.
Took me a bit to notice it too. Don't see why they wouldn't mention it since they mention it about The Shield of Want/King Shield.
because, after many cicles of lighting and seeing the flame getting next to fade, the shield ended up just being called like this. Also, after Dreg Heap, everyone can see what happened after you started everyting in DS1
You can purchase this from Greirat for 4000 Souls.



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Selling for 1500 for me :O
Dunno why they give such a good shield at start of the game. found several shields later on(Lothric wall) and they were not as good compared. Some lack stability some demand high strength.


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A nice looking shield for a traditional knight-themed character.



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I like this shield.
It looks Gorgeous, it has 100% Physical block and all players (Not only the Herald Class) have easy and early access to this shield.
Definitely one of my favorite for early game Standard Shields!
it's the Drangleic Shield, no clue why the item description doesn't refer to this
After Dreg Heap, now we know where the character of Herald class came from.
Because the emblem on this shield has been altered so that it ins't the exact same as the Drangleic emblem, thus making them not the same.
This is a better shield than the knight shield right? But I wonder why the knight shield received more praise than this?
I would assume it’s because it has better stability than the kite shield and there is a specialized variant of the knight shield for every damage type
Because ds3 devs don't want to account for ds2 lore, like the darkdrift is given by agdayne, a servant of "the great dead one" who is presumed to be an ally of gwyn, but in ds3 it's given by yuria, who is an agent of kaathe and thus an enemy of gwyn.
I know it's just a game, but this is not a kite shield, this is a heater shield.
FINALLY someone said it
It's a kite shield because it has the peak at the top, heater shields have flat tops, like irons for flattening wrinkles in clothes, which Victorians called "heaters" ("heater shield" being Victorian in origin), hence the name.
No it isn’t, the heater shield looks completely different to this.