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How much damage does it increase per NG+
On the wiki, not on this one. Over there you
can see it and I think it's like +5
i think
198 bonus damage at NG13 with base STR and DEX
so this weapon has a maximum physical ar of 710
If you use sacred oath and flynn's you can get 810
Reg +5wuth str and Dex or raw +5
This weapon has fantastic scaling with almost any infusion and an S/B in Strength/Dex respectively at +5, never use it raw
Cannot use Sunlight Blade on it.
It did say in the thread "cannot be buffed by resins or spells"
L2 R2 comes with three fast spins.
This sword is my baby I’ll wreck all you nubs with my 2h R2 stance swap 1h R2 - bestoc poke L1 combo
Oh chill dude I'm pissin' me pants already


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estoc? Casual.
Funny, I think I kicked your *** earlier this this year
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On my 99 faith boi on NG++, infused this thing has 233 + 175 lightning AR in addition to the stupid high physical scaliing
thx for the info i got this weapon on my faith character :)
how much for 2 handing?


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Same with every weapon. Two-handing costs half as much STR, and the normal amount of DEX / other stats. Power-Stancing requires 1.5x of each stat, on the other hand.
42 STR and 39 DEX. (methink)
14STR/26DEX for 2H