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So according to this page the dagger wielding wretch drops the spear as well as the dagger but you dont know what the spear wielding wretch drops? That makes no f ucking sense
These thing are *****ing scary.
So I’ve killed over 70 of these and only got 2 short swords... didn’t realize the rates were so bad lol
I wasn't paying attention when exploring the dungeon because, Jailers kept draining my health and I went into a cell that has the most terrifying thing I have seen.
I kill all of these things, out of pity. There is no way these things enjoy being alive.
Do me next then, please
These things make my skin crawl like oh my god i hate being near them theyre horrible i hate going through the dungeons in every run just because of that one in the cell on the wall ugh.
same i just run past them, i still haven’t killed the crystal lizard near their cells because these things give ke the heebie jeebies


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I legit screamed when I first saw it
Never have i u-turned at such a fast pace
friend ahead
So u were the *** that wrote that and scared the***** out of me
so u were the *** that wrote that
opps i posted it twice
20/20 with white hair talisman, was able to easily kill it with just one toxic mist
You were able to easily kill a frail enemy?
Yeah these enemies aren't exactly tough, but thank you for reminding me that Toxic Mist exists.
Big head lookin ***
I've read ed around the Internet that the non-hostile one is the princess Dusk transformed in that monstruosity Is that true? Con someone please tell me that?
No she's dead in a cave in the grate swamp where you get the golden miracles



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What the other person said is false, you find the armor set in a chest, not on a body. It's likely one of those things that's left up to the player to figure out