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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

"Rumor has it that dropping this item to the empty chest after boss fight Gwyndolin and reloading your game has some weird, nearly bug-like effects."

I try it and nothing happened
vi em um vídeo tempos atras antes mesmo de sair a dlc do artorias que tem uma passagem secreta em anor londo em frente a firekeeper, Como abrir esta passagem? não sei pois no vídeo já estava aberta, entei com o anel que tira a estatua para abrir o caminho para o glindolin mas nada ocorreu, mas lendo sobre o pingente penso que o pingente pode de aver de como abrir esta passagem secreta na frente da firekeeper de anor londo.
Above comments translation: I saw in a video back times before even leaving the dlc of the artorias that has a secret passage in anor londo in front of the firekeeper, How to open this passage? I do not know because the video was already open, entei with the ring that takes the statue to open the way to the glindolin but nothing happened, but reading about the pendant I think the pendant can of aver of how to open this secret passage in front of the firekeeper of anor londo.
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Dataminers have determined there is NO purpose to the pendant.


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...which leaves me wondering why all of that speculation garbage is still there.



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The speculation was left simply so users may read up on the history of the items effect in the community. I added a sentence clarifying
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Dataming, testing, and theorizing all sorts of ways about what this could be... seems like it DID serve a purpose!
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uhhh based
If anything i believe the pendant is an ib game representation of dwelling on the past. Meaning what worked before will probably not be as effective now.
I have it so when I finish the game I can look back and be like "I cant believe i kept this!"
he was looking for a link. a fire, link. he gave up and missed it...
Fun adventure, thanks for sharing! Praise the sun and all that!
Okay, I'm gonna get a darkmoon bade now. See ya!