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A really enjoyable fight. Isshin himself is a really fair opponent : he delegraphs his charged attacks heavily (you have 2sec to run away, and as you know Sekiro is really fast), his sword combo are easy to parry, and he has a lot of Mikiri openings. The second phase can seem intimidating at first, but it's the same stuff really : he has a lot of Mikiri openings, be it after his gun barrage or his spear 5(?) hot combo, and his classic sword+spear combo is slow and quite easy to parry (be sure to parry each blow, because the spear has some insane range, you are not always safe after a backward dash). The final phase is even more easy : lightning is really visible, you jump/deflect it on Isshin and it's a free hit for you.
Honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. Took a couple of hours to progress through the fight bit hy bit and learn his patterns but had a blast while doing it. Ultimately a very fair and fun fight, just learn when to heal or you will die. Far less frustrating than the Owl or especially Demon of Hatred IMO.
hours lol.. owl is super easy compared to this.
Owl is a miniboss compared to this. I think I can't even do this without leveling attack power.
Think the guy is talking about the 2nd Owl fight. Much harder.
Two things. One, phase 1 was the hardest of the three. Two, Owl (Father) and Demon of Hatred were harder.
Two things. One, nobody. Two, Cares
Guy on top of me has a valid point. No one really cares about your complaints and opinions. The fight is generally hard and the Owl (father) and Demon of Hatred are supposedly harder than Sword saint is that they're OPTIONAL bosses.
phase 1 was literally just Genichiro 2.0 lmao what
Maaaaaaan this boss was so cool
the hard part of this boss is his dmg and the fking super amor move which deal a lot of vitality dmg (this move one shot me on my chamrless run NG+8), and it really hard to reach it cause he's using it radomly
facing this boss is like fighting bed of chaos, just every time you dies she resets her weak spots
bed of chaos doesn't reset it's weakspots, you can literally wear the ring of sacrifice, destroy both seals and jump into the void. when you get there again just run straight and the fight is finished.
Btw, the video you put up is so bad, i was watching him and being sad at the same time, this boss is so easy if you know what to do, but clearly he doesn't, but that is just my opinion. if it helped people, good, but i think that it's way easier to beat
can you tell me how you beat him then, and link me a video of you doing it please, since this is so bad?
I beat this guy on my first try without taking any damage it was way too easy this game is for babies git gud you scrubs
Look at this tough guy, I bet he got the square in the right hole first try as a baby too.
Lol @ all the whiny babies downvoting this and the butthurt reply.
You didn’t beat this your first try. You didn’t take 0 damage. Grow up
We can clearly tell that you're lying out of your ***. You basically need to be a savant or extremely lucky to pull off something like that and we can tell that you're not even remotely a savant. No professional would just flaunt their success like that and insult us by saying we need to git gud. For all I know, you could be some 12-year old that constantly plays Fortnite and just stumbled upon this page to act like some f4ck1ng * in front of a lot of people who like this game. Live long and suffer, degenerate.
Guys, don't feed the troll.
Lying mother*****er.
It's not possible maybe you beat him on your first try but you can't have taken any damage or did you run around like person
Then why are you looking up strategies to beat him
You marely adopted git gud, I was born in it
Guys we’re missing the point here... The real question is WHERE DID HE GOT THAT GUN?
And what gun it is..?
He’s a time traveler
The more important question is, what the ***** kind of engrish was that???
Dogen, maybe? It wouldn't surprise me if he did make a custom pistol for Isshin 20 years ago. Guy can make a prosthetic that functions EXACTLY like a human hand and become highly modular at the same time without compromising anything.
He played Bloodborne before casting for Sekiro