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Let's see if this one is a better challenge than Legiana :D
(This is just a quick speculation and review upon what we know about this monster, so if you like this stuff then that's cool). Well so far... we know jack squat about this, subspecies? I suppose it is the best thing to call it for now, as for now then let's just review what we know, which is not much. The Shrieking Legiana seems to be a stronger version of the original Legiana that has been buffed by Velkhana in some way, now again we know just about nothing on this monster, so here are some of my theories on it. As we all know there will be a new armor set and upgraded weapons that will require his materials, now so far we only know of one new weapon in which that would be the Sword and Shield weapon, the Legia Rimespire as if you look closely at the Glavenus Trailer when the hunter is fighting the new Ebony Odogaron she seemed to be using some sort of version of the Legia Rimespire, however I am not positive on this so I may be mistaken. As for the power of this monster... man I have no idea as the normal Legiana seems to be on that tier of monsters like Rathalos, Diablos, and yes even Odogaron, however with the new buff it has received, my guess would be on the lines on Deviljho maybe, but I have no clue. Until more information is out I shall end this here, if there is anything I missed then just say something on this comment. Other then that I hope y'all are as hyped for Iceborne as I am and until further notice I'll see y'all later. (btw I also did a thing on Fulgur Anjanath and next I will do Ebony Odogaron so look out for that... just thought I'd mention that...)
Or I could just read what we have so far and NOT be dumb... that works to right? 1). Its a variant, not a subspecies. 2). It will most likely be weak to the Fire or Thunder elements. 3). SCREW AUTO CORRECTION!!!
Jfc you're redundant aren't you
Can't wait to have my eardrums busted while fighting this monster... again.
This thing is horribly designed. Not visually but mechanically.
You wanna explain why?
I dunno, I would have it as my pet if I could
Shrieking Legiana is going to be a way more exiting than Legiana
Note to Anyone Fighting This for It's Armor: Bring Dung Pods cause if There's a Legiana Around It'll Back It Up the Entire Time and It is Awful to Deal with.
Thank you so much I totally forgot about the dung pods
so....... a reskined buffed up version of legiana, then again, arent all subspecies of each monster tbh?
no. they arent reskins, most subspecies have enough of a difference to be considered a different monster on its own.
Most gain new movesets. Coral pukei gave me quite a surprise, got a whole new concept all-together.