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how do one cancel actions ?
even scripted ghost can do that, so it looks like an allowed action.
Should B button be Action and the A button do whatever the B button does?
dark souls 2 controls are a*****.
How do I dash I jump in ds2 for my Xbox 360
I play on pc and use autohotkey to use jump attack and break guard. Missing it you will not be able to resist the dark invaders. Most buttons have to be changed because it is difficult to control. When using shields I can only move to the right. on the keyboard, pressing multiple keys at the same time will lead to a freezing delay... finally, I can get close to the end of the game.


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how you jump attack on pc schollar of the first sin?
w and strong attack same time press. not move. btw w and light attack same time is guard break
You will never be able to use them with your keyboard and mouse unless you use autohotkey but it is still not really accurate.
You can keep strong attack as mouse double click and still jump attack. Just tap movement forward at the same time as your second mouse click. It's actually really easy. Jump attack will fail and you will get a normal heavy attack if you hold the movement key too long or don't have enough stamina for the jump but do for the heavy attack.
Why tf is the whole keyboard setting completely different than DS1 and DS3 just why ?
this was vgery help full thanks
Is there a control mechanic to quickly access your first equiped item like in DS1 and DS3? You know while you hold the down button.
The dpad after equipping in the equipment section
How to select a shield or item in dark souls
You need to go to your equipment and select it. You can access it quickly from the d pad from there