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At least we get the Dark Black Blade.
Man this weapon doesn't do enough damage as I was hoping for, but It's nothing dark can't fix!
Summed up the dark gem In one sentence.
can you buff a dark weapon
No, you cant buff an elemental infusions
Only with WA, like great axe



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it's almost as if the game knows you're trying to farm and doesn't drops anything, not evn the Harald armor :(
The second rolling boulder doesn't drop dark gem, you liar.
You might have already collected it.
It does on the first smashing of the Boulder.
Kill the skeleton controlling the ball, and the ball will break. Then it will drop the gem
the second boulder drops a crab, and that crab drops a gem
It drops the first time you stop it, that's it. More importantly it frees the catacrab.
Soft cap for dark infused weapons is 30int/30faith, while some weapons still pertain decent phys scaling with either str or dex. Coupled with a blindfold mask for glass cannon builds, dark weapons tend to have the highest raw AR in the game. Take that as you will.
Thank you. Couldn't find the softcap anywhere.
someone tell me please which is better, to have an infused weapon (like dark, chaos) or to have a buffed weapon (like Carthus' Flame Arc or Dark Blade)? I'm running a pyromancer with 28 str and 40 int 40 fth. And have 3 slots of magic.
Rare drop from Pus of Man in Consumed King's Garden, the slugs seem to have a slightly better drop than the pus in that area. 8 can be found under the center structure.
Harald Knights have a higher drop rate than those slugs (at least the first three found on the way to the abyss swamp). Firstly, there are eight of those slugs, and there are three to six of the knights. Secondly, I just get these gems somewhat easily from the knights when I don't even have any drop-boosting items equipped, versus not getting any from the slugs over about ten runs while having the symbol of avarice, crystal sage's rapier, and covetous gold serpent ring +0.
If you stop being a scrub and git gud you can kill the Harold Knights pretty fast with two parries and riposte from a chaos dagger. Instead of wasting time climbing up to plunge them.
Weird flex but okay.
so you parry twice and riposte once? lmao, please enlighten us.
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We could call it the Darker Sword. Then when it's reinforced to +10 call it the Darkest Sword.