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Yearly reminder that this clown is still a c*nt.
Oh Boomerang Boi,.. In Ihyll the arena is a nightmare to deal with, especially when it locks you off him during combat, not to mention his Boomerang Blade BS clips through the walls and is a load of crap. Boomerang Boi here is one of the most annoying bosses in Bloodborne, only topped by the Abhorrent Beast, Gascoigne and the Orphan of Kos, at least the Orphan and Gascoigne can be effectively parried, the Abhorrent Beast can be Cheesed but this guy is a massive headache, and when the arena gets you killed you know you're in for fun times ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Why is gascoigne annoying?
Arcane builds can beat him pretty easily by spamming augur since he runs right at you. It's hard to time so you'll probably only get a visceral 1 out of 4 times (not that arcane builds do much visc. damage anyways), but you'll be doing steady damage and staggering/knocking him down a lot.
Summery of the boss fight: Humph Humph Humph Humph Humph Humph Humph Humph...YOU DIED
Worst boss in the game. Without a doubt.
Really? Abhorrent Beast is an all-around harder enemy
I think that title belongs to Laurence
since i am just going for the Yharnam trophy, i don't mind doing it dirty: if you are have enough vit and damage, just two-hand a heavy weapon, infuse arcane/fire, lead elixir, charge R2, heal, charge R2, heal, loop. just remember to reapply your lead and you have an easy kill
This is good content. Works well even without lead, he runs right into it and staggers
You deserve everything
Used this strat with an amygdalan arm, you can just charge your R2 and drop the dude to the floor over and over... his combos/speed means nothing lmfao. worked first try.
Top tier boss. 10/10. ****ing love this guy. I wish every boss could be him. Think you got that parry? Think again. Think the environment will help you? Prepare to get stuck on a pillar and one shot, prepare for that boomerang. For someone that weak to arcane he’s got some ****ing magic going on in that **** right there.
That's called inconsistency and games should never have this
The Arcane Kill. This is a fast fight. I prefer to do it with no sound on. I wore Bone Ash set, a fire saw cleaver, and with a high arcane build, with +hp tune, +stamina tune and a +4 bullets rune. I had 2 bullets at the end, and I of course used the blood bullet +5 thing to extend my arcane power. I maxed arcane, that’s just fun anyway. I used black eye sky for the first half of the fight. You have to get into the dodging rhythm to make it under his strokes and get behind him for a few quick hits using a small stamina quick weapon. You have to learn the exact distance his shotel / half moon shaped weapon goes and the best time to hit him with a spell is also when you would parry him, in the middle of his golf swing. You have to learn the moments where you can hit him with multiple hits in a row. You also have to keep moving and getting away from him, I use the outsides exclusively, always moving sometimes running. If you get lucky through your dodges, you can get him stuck in a corner or the wall as a way to trap him and get a bunch of strokes in. And then I would do two launches of the executioner gloves, blood bullet +5, blood vial, dodge, position yourself and launch again. I led him to the open area with the raised platform for this, less obstacles for the gloves.
I beat the lesser version of him with at level 26 w +6 hunter axe. Trying to see how far I can get through dungeons at lower levels.. anyhow, you actually Can dodge towards him. He jumps past you and you can hit his bum. Stage 2 is a but more iffy


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I've never fought a boss that pillar abused me before but there is a first for everything.