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I kill orbeck before yuria ask me to kill him...before she see them... I have the orbeck ashes but she never ask me this ***** ashes... What i have to do to got this ***** morion's blade??
She needs to meet him first, of course. Guess you'll have to wait til NG+.
why murder npcs ever
there are only downsides
what a puketard kakaka
1. Learn proper English 2. Actually get the request before doing the deed dip*****
You guys might want to update your maps. About half way through them you're missing half the items available, this one being a good example.
Indeed. Like they have Greirat's Ashes location in the sewer before the Distant Manor bonfire.
i killed orbeck and gave ashes to yuria and finished the game with the lord of hollows ending so shes gone and i have no way to but sorceries. can i still get them?
Instead of immediately going to NG+, go back to Yuria and buy everything you need to.
no if you killed him and gave the ash to yuria no there is no hope to get the sorceries
they must have changed smth, I took orbeck's ashes when he died, started ng+ and had no ashes in inventory...of course didn't give it to old lady. They are gone on new game+
to the mentioned previously by me , I have to say that all quest items disappeared, like keys for example. if I aint wrong never purchased them on NG+ and now I have to (the one to the tower for 20K). Have no dlcs so cant give any comment on that matter.
Rip husbando
Will his ashes drop if i kill him where u first find him
Unless you're really dead-set on getting the Morion Blade, do NOT do this. Besides limiting the amount of spells you can get if you've not given him all the scrolls, his death dialogue is the most heartbreaking I've ever heard and I felt like a piece of***** afterwards.
If you kill him outside of firelink can you still give his ashes to yuria for the morion blade?
Nevermind, I checked the other comments.
Do you have to kill Prince Lothric for his ashes to spawn in Grand Archives? I bought all of his spells and gave the 4 scrolls to him.