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Shouldn't the moveset make mentions of it's charged R2 follow up R2 attack? You scrape the pick along the ground then thrust forward with the tip that can send enemies flying back.
And it can usually cause a second backstab effect
So I can't fight the guy to get the pick. He is literally crouched in the corner of the room. Did I miss something
You're in the wrong room, the one that has the fist of gratia. The correct room is next to the hallway leading to brador's cell. It's locked, so you need the underground cell key from the research hall to open the door.
if you open the door and trigger him, run out and to the left he should get stuck inside the room, allowing you to hit him safely through the door. if that doesnt work, the cell door that opens out towards the hall (that leads down to brador) will ahve a similar effect. just keep getting him stuck and poking him to death.



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This one was rather ready, beast roar with beat claw. Knock him down twice and murder himself and his whole goddamn family
I'd actually go as far to say this has the most versatile moveset of any weapon in the game. The weapons' overall moveset in both modes has literally something for everything, on top of its unique status of having both Righteous and Serrated damage inherent. Its damage is...ok, contrary to what one would think with all the inherent bonuses it has and on paper damage number, but that's just contrary to other options in the game. Its moveset is still so good and its damage still good more or less that it more than makes up for it.
Why put the points into strength and skill for this weapon? Why not skill and arcane since it has higher scaling with arcane?
It doesn't have higher scaling with arcane.
^ Me again sorry I stupidly misunderstood your comment. I thought you were comparing arcane and skill.
The problem is that arcane afaik only enhances the elemental dmg a weapon does (e.g. with enchantments/papers) while str and skill only enhance the physical dmg. Am I wrong here?
Arcane only affects elemental damage. If a weapon doesn't have innate elemental damage, it's an either/or thing. You can either have the physical damage which scales with both strength and skill, or you can have the fire/bolt/arcane damage which scales with just arcane.
To compare scalings, think STR+SKL vs ARC because you either use physical bloodgems and physical scales with str and skl or use elemental blood gems which removes all physical dmg and transfers them to the element and this elemental dmg now scales with only arc.
STR/SKL build with just enough arcane to use Empty Phantasm Shell. Everything else into VIT and END, plus a blunderbuss for them juicy staggers, and ba-blam! You can handle ANYTHING in the game, and can also cosplay as Sister Friede.


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I just want to mention, the wiki has this being described as "a short spear" when it's in its untransformed state, yet in the description of the actual weapon it says "large sword."
Has anyone noticed that this looks very similar to Yorgh's Spear from Darksouls 2 in it's untransformed state? Maybe Sir Yorgh is the old hunter from the tales haha
Just out of curiosity, how the hell is this weapon serrated? Righteous I can understand since it's a church weapon, but there aren't any serrations or teeth in the model. Did Fromsoft just decide that this one weapon should get all the bonuses, no matter how nonsensical it would be?
I Guess it’s serrated as you’re piercing the hide of beasts.Not the best explanation but it’s what I believe
Micro serrations?
It slashes as it grinds the edge
Supposedly, it isn't truly serrated, it just has an innate beasthunter effect on all of its thrust attacks. Because apparently this thing needs ALL the modifiers.


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If you are Arcane looking for a serrated fire weapon, this thing is my go-to. It has good reach, decent scaling, fast attacks, and is light on your stamina bar.
I don't know, i'm doing a pure arcane build and church pick is easily outdamaged by Saw clever or LHB with the same gems
There's a really cool follow up move if you hit R2 right after a fully charged R2 in it's transformed version, almost like a more damaging, more focused version of the Hunter Axe's spin2win. Such incredible knock back, high damage, and it looks really cool!