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I was wondering: is it possible to be in 'human' form (so that one can do things such as fight NPC Phantoms like Leeroy Jenkins to get his armour and shield) and play offline?


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Yes, like Paladin Leeroy. It's fine names are hard to remember when you haven't fought him at all. To get his armor you have to absorb the humanity by pressing "x" or "square." It will then say (01) in grey numbers on the top left screen. Go to the bonfire and press the "A" or "X" button on "Restore Humanity." The place where paladin Leeroy is by the ledge before the next tunne; to GraveLord Nito. Just wait around he will spawn eventually, have fun don't die.
I do not get any more humanity what do I do?
I gave the blacksmith the large ember and I still can't upgrade my weapons to 10
How do i get the charmer to help in darkroot garden there never seems to be a prompt