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yeah its cool but heavy as f***. maybe one if not THE reason so many complain about the difficulty. All running around in the complete set...fatroling...constantly dying...
Yeah... Don't do that. It isn't really that heavy compared to other armors though. If you planned ahead, you could probably wear it before getting out of under settlement
i'm seeing allot of complaints about drop rates, if its really an issue and you don't feel like investing points into luck, try coming back with the crystal sage's rapier or the covetous gold serpent ring which both increase item discovery.
I cleared the knights outside Vordt/Dancer like 7 or 8 times and popped 2 rusted coins and 1 gold one (I was trying to farm something else and am stupid), anyway - I was able to get the entire set with 4-5 pieces of some of them. This set is not hard to farm if you just run through that area. It's accessible from Vordt, but faster from dancer.
it's on par with the black and silver knight armor.
Hmm, I've seen players with a blue cape version of the chest, the red eyed knight outside of the Dancer wears it. But where is it found?
Only the normal red version exists in the game, I think you saw hackers. :/
you cannot access the blue armour. im not even sure there is a player model for it in the game. you either saw a different set and mistook it for this, or its hackers
I found mine at the place it said to farm it at
Which Is better lothric knight armor or black knight?
The black knight armor has the second highest fire resistance in the game and I think it looks cooler so the black knight armor
But Lothric set has more physical resist, and it doesn't matter what I think it looks like
For fashion? Black knight was murdered in this game. For defense? They're pretty similar but with different elemental focuses
im a dark souls noob and i have never played dark souls before, and i farmed the knights near vordt for souls, i got the whole knight set 2 times (the helmet and leggings i got 3 times) 2 lothric swords, the shilde and the crossbow in 10 minutes, i have never leveled up luck (i started as a warrior) i must have been really lucky or you guys have been really unlucky
people complaining mostly don't know real farming. A few hours investment to get something isn't really that big of a thing when it comes to farming. But the real joke is it is heavy. With shield and sword you will be ending up fatroling what is a death sin in DS3. Or leveling up but that's a bad idea too. Investing point into a stat just to be able to fast role is a waste of points this early ingame. And you will be a snack for invader then in the village and the swamp reason with your relativly high soul level this early. It's smarter to invest your souls in the tower key and getting the estus ring then from there asap. Beeing good in the game also means to know where to find stuff and then abuse the sh*t out of it. Don't torture yourself unnecessary following artificial "rules" you made up nobody else cares about.
I found the armor chest on the Tower, but I can't equip it. There is some request to use this armor?
If it’s because it’s too heavy, (which disables moving and slows you down) try upgrading strength.
Actually you upgrade vigor. Strength is for weapons mostly.
Youre both wrong, its vit
Upgrade faith
Raise Adaptability
Other 2019 anon knows what's up.
Is there a better lighter set
Knight set. The one you start with or you can buy from Greirat. One of the best armors in weight/defence ratio. Nameless, Elite and Fallen Knight armor are basicaly in the same category with minor tweaks. Can't go wrong with either of them.