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Niggaz be steady eatin' cheese and straight poopin!
Is this a meme or a *'s last words? Perhaps both. Guess we'll never know.
Hell yeah
straight poopin!
Mumble rap lyrics
Cheese makes me not poop :(
bruh @ that last note 30% + 22.5% = 52.5% is addition not multiplication. does it actually stack multiplicatively or not
You get a multiple per ring so if you use no plus ring you'll get a lower about of souls to plus 1 and that's lower than plus 2 and combining with a set that gains extra souls you can get up to double what souls you normal get without them they were using multiple in gaining the souls but addition for combining sets/individual itwms to get that I've had 1k hours in this game so I know and it stacks it's the best way to get more souls and clearing out an area 14/15 to completely clear it helps aswell if you wanna gain sets too
Multiplicative for a total of 59.25% extra souls.
I didn’t understand ****
Yeah so where the ***** is it??
how do you equip more than 30+ soul arrows to the sorcerer's staff?
When attuning spells at a bonfire, just use multiple copies of soul arrows on different slots. You will need multiple copies, usually purchased from multiple vendors or found in chests or on bodies.