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I said it when the game first came out and I’ll say it again, Fromsoft needs to punish the game designer who decided to remove “Pyromancer” class from the selection. You have NO bloody idea how much of a pain it is to run to get the pyromancer gear and flame from The Gutter without dying once...then again, you probably do. I always pick a Deprived class from the start, make a mad rush for the dragon slayer and cheese him off the edge for an instant victory. From here I get the cat ring, boost health, go down the hole, try NOT to miss my landings and when I reach the bottom it’s a quick run to the Gutter. From the first fire it’s easy to get the gear but holy heck is it a pain with crazy hollows with dark infused weapons. Once the gear is collected, homeward bone home and the game starts...all that hard work just to get an early pyromancer. Bonus prize, the rats drop Warmth and is an awesome first pyromancy spell to have.
I'll agree that it's kind of a pain to get a hold of, but if we're talking access to pyromancies, I'd much rather go for No Man's Wharf if you've killed the Dragonrider. That area is not too bad provided you light the brazier (which you should at any rate) and Flexile is kind of a giant baby. Unless you specifically want to go for the Chaos flame, that is, although I still find pretty baffling locking Pyros behind two levels.
most early game enemies are super weak to fire, so I think it's a balancing issue
I have all of these.
good for you