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I talked to him in the well but I didn't have his armor. I went to the Fire Keeper tower and got the armor from Patches and went back. I had already progressed to the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire but it says that shouldn't affect it?
I am curious about this too. I skipped the demon encounter and have reached Irithyll dungeon. When I went back to kill the demon, his dialogue didn't appear for me nor did he help to fight, or etc. I haven't found the cell that he is in yet, so maybe he will be there?
You probably don't need the answer anymore, but I ended having to do his entire questline from the well after intentionally dying to Yhorm. It worked perfectly, you should be fine.
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I aggroed him in the undead settle ment, and died to him, will he be there when i go back, or will he have moved on
Release your sins in Statue of Velka so he will stop being hostile. Still I dont know how he can use stone flesh without Havel's Greatshield
If onionbro aggroed on me at the undead settlement, and i died, will je be there when i g srry back
How did you manage that? I accidentally backstabbed him once during the fight with the demon but he still didn't turn hostile.
Step 3 in quest "Note: He may not appear here if you have entered Irithyll Dungeon" Ummm... I went to Irithyll Dungeon where he gets locked in the cell but he wasn't there. However, he still appeared in the kitchen with the soup, so wiki is wrong.
Keyword is MAY not. Meaning it can vary.
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Siegward of Swagarina
I *****ed up his quest at the end of the quest line. I really regret not freeing him from his cell before killing yhorm.
you should mention that the other chest in the tunnel is a mimic ******
you should smash every chest?
If the chain is more of a circle, it’s a chest. If the chain is more of a line, it’s a mimic. If you can’t see the chain very well, always smack a chest before opening it