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Just picked this up at lvl 20 to kill dancer. However, I was planning on keeping my weapon level at +2 so I can get some early game proofs easier. Have I gimped myself? What weapon level does the Dark Hand equal anyone?
It has no weapon level so 0. That's why it gets so much flak for being a twink weapon.
Giving the good succ.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
this should be updated to 10000 souls because that is how much the sold it to me for
Unplug your router for High Wall.


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Because Dark Hand is quite popular at low levels..
I'm dark handing noobs and ganks at highwall rn, can confirm that you should unplug router or "git gud casul".
99 vit havel monster or don't talk to me casul
Or just don't ember?
If you just started to play DS3 dont ember there or play offline. There is plenty of invaders there wearing gear from late NG or even ng++.
it kinda depresses me that they nerfed the RAW *** but buffed this, the RAW *** was actually fun to use and required parrying, this is just handheld DPS.
*raw **** Mmm, you bet!
Honestly no idea what the RAW *** is.
^Raw Astoria Straight sword
t w i n k i e
Dark hand twinks still a blight upon the undead settlement in 2k19?
Unfortunately they are, but also on the road of sacrifices
Even in High wall of Lothric. But can easily countered with other twinks, because 99,9% of these player haven't git gud
If you use this to invade the lothric wall while wearing full lapp's armor just to gank freshly made new characters and then even have the audacity to point down as if you were the king of pvp, then you are trash.
I actually got this move off in a PvP match in Pontiff Sullivan, dude did a charged dagger attack, and the end of the dark hand animation actually gives you poise, so i poised the dudes charge attack and sucked him dry (no homo)
I transposed the Vordt Great Hammer just to deal with this***** in a new char Charge the heavy attack and smash them in the ground. 400+ DMG with 25 STR (Two handed)