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Cactuar is a real bro
I caught two in one investigation, I didnt know they were rare lol
tbh cactuar is kinda broken if you knock a monster down near it
Found in area 7, I'm in Low Rank. Seems to be on a timer that runs somewhere in the vicinity of 5-10 minutes, maybe longer. Didn't notice the map marker at first so I can't say for sure what it's respawn is. If trying to capture anything...do not fight near it. It does not play fair.
Definitely a Timer, but is closer to 20-30 minutes than previously mentioned amount. Definitely farmable though if you have the want and the time.
man i got all exited to hunt one of my favorite enemies, the barroth, even put on a metal song to fight it and then this guy killed it in seconds....
These little buggers are the ultimate monster killing machines.
I be like VOT IS DEES?? lil cacti.
Found 2 this week. Caught the first one, then used another on a Diablos. They’re pretty useful Despite the fact that I don’t have the DLC, he still appeared...........