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The Vampire Need Some more spell Skills.... he only got 3 spells allthough The werewolf got a Full line with spells....
That's because Werewolf is forced to use only werewolf skill while their ult is up. Vampires don't transform, so any spells we have access to go on our normal castbars. A lot of WW abilities are basically just stronger versions of current abilities, there isn't much you can do with vampire atm that isn't straight power creep, useless, copy-paste, or situational.
are there any draw backs to being a vampire now?
CONS: A SEVERE weakness to fire, and in later stages of vampirism a heavy reduction to your Health regeneration. PROS: You get exclusive skills (including a bat swarm ultimate, and the ability to Health yourself by draining others of blood when in combat). You also get a BIG increase to both Magicka and Stamina Regeneration, and (assuming put points into pick the passives) a massive decrease to the amount of physical damage you receive when you're at 50% health or lower. Furthermore, if you're a Nightblade or a player who values the Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood content, being a vampire makes you move really quick when you sneak (you also enter in and out of sneak faster at night).
Can anyone be turned? Or can you only turn people who have spent the $15 on the upgrade?
Everybody except werewolves can be turned into a vampire by another player
You can also be turned to a Vampire for free by fighting 'Blood Fiends' enemy NPCs which only appear in certain areas of specific zones at night time. You contract a disease, which you then can go to a vampire shrine and accept the quest from after the infliction progresses.
you guys dind understand the vampire skill line, the passives are everything, not the abilities
A true Vampire doesn't concentrate on the things they don't have or there weaknesses, they devote there time to strengthen there ability's and use them to the fullest of there possibility's. And the most important thing...They are going there own way and don't exept others limitations as there's. Your probably wondering who i am to give such a statement.....because i am one of the very few dedicated vampire players on Eso. I know everything about Vampirism and how to go beyond the possible.
Now that's focking egdy, that's edgy and fock boi
A true vampire doesn't concentrate on learning how to write either it seems.
Obviously, proper spelling and grammar aren't a priority for "true vamp's."
This has to be the worst thing I've ever read. You realise you're not a real vampire right dude?
Don't have to respec before curing anymore, you'll get all allocated skill points in the vamp skill tree back upon curing.
These vampire comments sound like they should be in What We do in the Shadows
... All I can say is that since I joinded the undead I have gained a new view on life... Yes, my character's weak mortal flesh will never again age and I have now gained power my character never thought possible... If you decide you want to take this gift.. Or curse... Then let me know... The knight is young.
gimme vampirism pls
make me a vampire
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