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You mean...if I bought gear from Domnhall, and I start NG+, I will lose it and will have to buy it again?
According to further down the page, any of the gear you BOUGHT from Domnhall will remain in YOUR inventory, but HIS inventory is reset.
If I play in new game plus can I still play online with players from the first play through?
The items inside my bottomless box, would be in my storage when the New Game + Starts? Or will they only be available when i get the Bottomless box again ?
You retain your bottomless box and all its contents in NG+
How does the scaling work on new game+?
Omm... basically x2
I honestly will suggest into the "To-do List before defeating Final Boss" to farm the dark wraiths in the cavern before Manus Father of the Abyss (for who does have the DLC ofc) to farm humanity. Hell does guys carry a bunch of em, I farmed like 100+ points while trying to kill Manus with 0 efforts.
Is there a suggested level one should be before fighting Gwyn and going to NG+?
SL 1. Just parry and you good.
on god lord gwyn is the easiest boss in the game
I just killed Gwyn at LVL 92. He is a toug fella but i managed to kill him on my third attempt. So i guess i could've tried at lvl 70. Hope this helps. NOTE: On NG+, the demon at the start in the asylum was able to damage me through havel full armor set with havel shield WHILE BLOCKING. He could kill me in three shots if i was not careful. I wooped his ***. was Lvl 92 still.
If you need to level up, the huge spiral staircase in the dukes archives is a great spot. Using the homeward miracle lets you only have to sprint down the stairs and not back up. 10k souls in 1m30s. And those blue snake things also dump humanity at a really good rate. Find some way to quickly one shot the two snake things so they won't drag your efficiency down.
Duke archieves farming sux compared to the painting world and the speared ooze. With silver covetous, mimic head and the homeword you can farm 14k souls in 45 se .in ng+ 23k souls
Does the covenant ranking besides my current one reset after ng+? Like going to ng+ with the forest hunter will reset my +3 rankings of Darkwhraith and the Dragon remnants back to +0? Does killing Gwyndolin resets the ranking of the darkmoon blade back to +0? I was ranking +1, but I had to give him ALL the 80 souvenirs instead of Just 70 in the NG+, did the ranking reset as a penalty or it's because the counting ITSELF was resetted? Even If I was +1, +2 ranking, I have to give all the 80 covenant itens back to gain a rank after entering another NG cicle?
When you leave a covenant your rank is halved.
Okay so this has been bugging me for a while now please forgive my puny brain but, if I’m on my 4th playthrough of the game. Would I say “I’m on ng+4” or ng+3?
You are on ng+3
Okay, ty.
NG4 or NG+3
Why the hell is the orange charred ring lost?
Isn't that the ring that allows you to walk on lava with less damage taken? That's pretty much necessary if one does not use the shortcut and goes through Lost Izalith through the conventional path. Besides, that ring is pretty much useless outside of Lost Izalith, it's clearly tied to that level by design.
That ring allows you to skip a non-optional boss if you have it before the centipede demon.