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halo 3 babee!
I get it (dunkey)
The fact that it does has magic damage but has a faith scaling is a non-sense for me. Like the Occult Club.
Both magic and divine weapons do magic damage, they just scale with different stats as well as divine weapons having a special properties that is effective against certain enemies and stops skeletons from getting back up.
Yeah it probably would have made more sense for divine weapons to do lightning damage, maybe occult could have been fire damage. It does seem a bit weird that faith characters can do big damage with all 3 elements. Tho to be fair anyone can do massive fire damage with pyromancy.


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I didn't know this sword counts as divine! Good to know.
it... literally has Divine as an auxilery effect... it shows it right there in the game...
Some people don't check the Aux effects. Testing the weapon immediately is more fun and surprising when you finally find out what it actually does.
No matter how I run the stats on this weapon, the stats are just bad in the long run compared to any other straight swords with or without a divine buff. Why is one of the most iconic weapons in the game so trash lol? I wish they would've buffed it a little in the remaster. Doesn't even have to beat the Balder Side Sword or any of the other straight swords, just needs to be made into a more viable weapon for endgame PvE usage.
no kidding. so frustrating. It looks great in the remaster, too.
i know, i would've loved to see this either just become a normal weapon with no divine modifier and upgrading with regular titanite. I've liked doing knight of astora cosplays but this weapon just doesn't work for it. I normally go to the standard longsword or Broadsword, as on a quality build you get a solid 408 AR with a longsword at 40 dex and 40 strength,and for a quick weapon 408 isn't bad. Ds3 has a much better version, and i can finally do my knight of astora cosplays alongside the astora greatsword. that also would've been a nice weapon for them to add.
I agree at the very least you would think the stat scaling would/should increase when upgraded
Not every single weapon needs to be endgame tier to be useful. For the point in the game you can get it, the sword is good. It's easily outclassed later on, but that doesn't make it useless. It's just a good early game weapon that will get you through until you get something way better.
It's a good support for sorcerers. But don't even try to use it as your primary weapon. :D
why even should sorcerers level up faith?
When I play sorc I only level faith up enough for the most basic healing spell because I enjoy a little healing utility. And even then I use a talisman of Velka so it scales with int instead of faith. This weapon is really not meant for in builds at all.
In this ds if you kindle you get 10 Estus and later on you get an item so that you can kindle it from 15 to then 20. You really don’t need low level healing to stay healthy, so it’s not worth wasting levels, spell slots, and a weapon spot to to use faith stuff
A few levels isn't hurting any build except for minmax tryhard builds. Just level faith to 14 as a Sorcerer and never touch it again, it's that simple. Later on you're gonna have to switch weapon, sure, but it's not meant for NG+ late game anyway.
Get this right after going to Firelink to make your trip to the Rite of Kindling just a bit easier
This sword is really nice when you pair it with a dragonslayer spear build.
Lol i was going to do it right now