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I don't really understand what it means when it says: example Increases Base Damage Removes Scaling: what does removes scaling mean and how does it effect me and the weapon ?? plz help


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Scaling is when a weapons Base Damage is increased by a certain percentage depending on its letter (i.e. E - S). So say you have a weapon with a Base Damage of 260 and an S-Scaling in either Strengh, Dexterity, Intelligence or Faith, this means that your weapon has the potential of getting between 364 and 520 (140 - 200%) bonus damage before resistances and absorption. What Raw infusion does is removing the Scaling (i.e. bonus Damage), but make the weapon have higher Base Damage so you don't have to invest in, say, Str or Dex if you're a Sorcerer, for example. Hope this helps.
scaling means how much damage is added the higher a particular stat is. E means the worst scaling, S means best. It caps at about 50-60. Base damage is the amount of dmg a weapon does before scaling dmg is added.
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Quick questions- After I infuse can I still reinforce a weapon? Also, can you put multiple gems on one sword or is that not possible?
yes you still able to reinforce weapons after you infuse it and no you cant put multiple gemps on one weapons, so chose it wisely
im a new player and i dont know how the infusion works. i already googled it but still i didnt get the clear picture. if my stat is 50 str and dex 25.. what gem should i use? from what i observe from the smith..refined gem seems better than sharp and heavy..
It doesn't say on this page, but Heavy Gem adds more scaling than Refined does for STR and DEX. I don't know the exact numbers, but think of it like a Heavy weapon will add 2 damage per strength and 0 per dexterity, while a Refined weapon adds 1 damage per strength and 1 per dexterity. Heavy is better for strength-based characters, while Refined would be better for characters that balance strength and dexterity. Simply... If STR > DEX, use Heavy. If STR < DEX, use Sharp. If STR = DEX, use Refined.
Specific weapons scale better with specific infusions. Keep in mind that heavy infusions completely remove dex scaling so if you're using a strength weapon that also scales with dex then refined should have the best results.
Can I infuse a weapon during +1. Then slowly upgrade the infused weapon to +2 and go on?
You can infuse it at any rank, as long as you have the gem and the souls to do so.
you can, but it will cost more souls
Infusion doesn't work like it did in previous games. It's more of a semi-permanent (but changeable if you hate the one you chose) buff for your weapon. Infusing your weapon at base, +1 or +2, it doesn't really matter.
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There's... no frost infusion
Does the -A- scaling you get from the heavy gem only happen if you infuse it @+10 wep, or will it upgrade to a-scale as you improve the wep to +10?
You can infuse weapons at any level it won't change the final outcome @+10. Upgrading and Buffing do not interfere.
This is the question asker. Thank you to the anon that answered me, but there's still a concern. I'm starting over, and on my 1st character i heavy'd the broadsword (since i'm building mainly around str), but it only boosted the scaling up to B. Currently the wep is +6, so thats why i was wondering if i'd get the improvement to A rank when i got the sword up to +10. Or is the broadsword's data on the ranking wrong?
Click on the heavy gem above the upgrade table and you'll be able to see what the scaling is like for each infusion. For Broadsword specifically the A ranking happens at +8 and above.
What scales dark damage?? Int & faith?
How does infusing shields benefit you? say poison or lightning for example
Infusing a shield with Blessed or Simple will allow you to have Focus Regen or Health regen when it is wielded in your offhand.
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Infusion on a Shield seems like a minor thing, what? use one of my resources to make something absorb one thing better, but make the rest weaker?