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You can fight the giant blue guy by the great carp, not sure if he counts as a mini boss but I think he does.
Idk why you’re getting downvoted. He does work as a mini boss with two health bars and has the same move set of chained ogre
Shigekichi of the Red Guard doesn't appear until the final phase of Ashina Castle. Change it bruh
Did you know you can change it yourself, bruh?
Shigekichi of the Red Guard is a miniboss bruh
Just a little tip, most of the mini bosses are stunned by the firecrackers so its invaluable against them.
How many minni bosses are there?
Will I get the trophy if I beat all bosses but not on the same save?
No. I tried.
Please add the first encounter with the monk, that also counts as a boss fight.
its in the page of the true corrupted monk.
Both the Apparition and True Corrupted Monk encounters are in the same page.
Il a encore du chemin
PLEASE go back to chronological order for when you encountered them.
There is no order, it's a non linear game.
so wait you can't fight Emma or Isshin unless you betray Kuro? and can't fight Owl unless you side with Kuro...? grr, I don't like the fact I can't fight all bosses in one playthrough.
You end up fighting Isshin no matter what. He is the final boss of the game.
Yea you have to do at least two playthroughs to get all bosses and you have to at least start the purification ending to get all the prayer beads.
Back up your save, side with Owl and fight Emma and Isshin, then restore your save and side with Kuro, problem solved: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sekiro On console you can simply save your data to a thumb drive and restore the same way.
Is there any point in doing the Return ending other than getting the achievement? The Purification ending gets you the true Owl fight and the Shura ending gets you the Emma and Isshin fights.
You get some lore I guess but yea there's no new boss fights behind the other 2 endings.
Not really, no
You can fight owl on Return ending too.
You can fight owl in return :p
wheres juzou
hes not a boss
Follow the side path Owl tells you about and you should get to Juzo.
in the mini boss tab of this page.