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You can prevent zombies from resurrecting by using flamevent before you perform a deathblow.
You can get into the room with Doujun from a passage under the water. You can try to talk to him and get a note.
I came back and Doujin is in the room with Jinz. The door was open from before and he said "This is not proper, you should leave" ... Should I kill this guy? Allow him to perform the surgery??
Are there really just two ports?
I think so:( I've been searching the waters after the bottomless hole idol for another path, but its been a futile endeavor.
I've had to face a phantom samurai (the upper tower type) in the room with the lift the last time I was there. I'm near the end of the game, if anyone is wondering or has an idea why that dude spawned there.
I encountered the same enemy before but its a nightjar and is at the sunken valley near the first gunner. Maybe those are random spawns?
They spawn after the Great ape has been defeated, at least it seems that way. Or maybe after a set amount the ingredients needed for immortal severence have been collected.
Did you ring the Demon Bell? I had some new silverish spawns of new enemies in Mibu Village when I had the Demon Bell active. 4 in the high platueu. And one on the bridge on the way to the Astral Projection version of the Corrupted monk.
I think phantom enemies start spawning in once its nighttime. I saw during one of the loading screen tips that as the sun sets spirits of the fallen begin to appear. That's the only explanation I can think of.
i believe the phantom enemies start appearing after sending Jinzaemon Kumano to his dead in the dungeon.(when his unconcious body changes into a lootsack) its a curse, i believe the npc merchant at the start of the abandonned dungeon will mention something about this.
the obligatory unfinished area in every Miyazaki game
Is it really unfinished though? It seems to me they should have just not given it it's own Location for just two Idols. Seems more like a Valley of the Drakes passageway to me.
This place triggers my Irithyll Dungeon PTSD.
i didnt fight a samurai spirit, just a normal ashina soldier and the rifle dude
They only spawn after Guardian Ape is defeated I believe, same with the Nightjar spirits.
***** this place those crickets made me want to kill myself and scream like a ***** every moment