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I didn't even know this guy was a boss until my second playthrough.
This is shaggy's pet lizard
Absolute best comment on this website
Its among the silliest my character's looked for a fight with that long-horn-arnus hat, sorcery dress, and bone hands, a giant stone "tooth" just casually slung over my back "for no reason", and his actual hands doing magic tricks switching Amana Staff to Pyro and back. I liked this fight's pacing actually, but it should've ended at 15,000 health.
Tip just don't get hit simple. I mean it works for me every time.
As soon as his wings flap, just start running and you'll be able to avoid getting hit by the subsequent fire. Just start running back before the flame disappears and you get a healthy window to attack his feet. Rinse and repeat.
Beat him 4th try. First time, he did his fire attack when I was poorly positioned so it one-shot me. Second time I was positioned kinda correctly so his fire only hit me once (leaving me on a slither of health), but he hit me when he landed as I was still getting up. Third time he did his fire before I had any chance to get close enough to his tail to dodge it, so he instantly killed me. On the time I beat him I almost did it no hit but then for some reason my character refused to sprint so I got hit by his fire, but luckily managed to survive and kill him.
I would be fine with dying and experimenting for hours, but I ragequit after wasting time on these mechanics written here. The ring doesn't block the Rain of Fire attack coming from the back. The staying between talons method is pure luck, so you can't depend on that either.
with DLC (+3 flame and +1 spectacle) rings and pharros mask and flash sweat u can reach 900+ fire def with any type of armor
Not sure if it's because of my huge health bar or I happen to be wearing fire resist armor but I can take almost three hits from him, also thanks for the advice.